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Sell 9ct Gold bracelet broken jewellery bracelets.

Damaged or unwanted jewellery bracelets can be sold easily for the 37.5% Gold present in the Gold alloy. Scrap buyers of all Gold broken jewellery bracelets jewellery store scrap. We acquire 9ct jewellery 9 carat Gold 37.5% fashion bracelet wear Gold for top prices paid. Sell heavy 9ct bracelet via Gold buyers of jewellery store scrap. Scrap buyers of 9ct Gold bracelet jewellery bracelet scrap and broken wrist bracelet 9 carat Gold 37.5%. We melt 9ct Gold bracelet and acquire recovered Gold for top prices paid on 9ct Gold bracelet scrap. Bracelets with damaged catches or broken links can all be scrapped to recover the precious metal Gold content for reuse.