Scrap Pt Rh thermocouple recyclers. Sell Platinum scrap thermocouple wire Plat / Rhodium.



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Sell thermocouple wire Plat / Rhodium Scrap

Recycle Pt Rh thermocouple thermocouple wire mixed Rhodium Platinum.

Thermocouples used in various industrial applications include a mix of Rhodium precious metals and Platinum. Refiners of all Platinum thermocouple wire mixed Rhodium Platinum heating industry scrap. We indutrial mixed Rh Pt metal industrial uses Platinum for highest monetary amount. Recycle quantity of unwanted thermocouples via Platinum recyclers of heating industry scrap. Refiners of Pt Rh thermocouple thermocouple wire Plat / Rhodium scrap and heat sensitive thermo wiring mixed Rh Pt metal. We melt Pt Rh thermocouple and recovered Platinum for highest monetary amount on Pt Rh thermocouple scrap. High value precious metals Rh and Pt present in high purity in thermo heat sensitive wires.