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Sell Type R Thermocouple wire.

All scrap thermocouple Type R wires thermo couples for uses upto 1600C. Scrap buyer of all Platinum wire industry scrap. We purchase industrial platinum metal scrap thermo wire rhodium 13% platinum 87% thermo conductor Type R wires for use under 1600 celcius temperature Platinum for high price paid. Sell scrap thermocouple Type R Rh-Pt alloy wire via Platinum recycler of industry scrap. Scrap buyer of Type R Thermocouple type R scrap Pt scrap and One Type R wire is pure Platinum and the other conductor wire is 13% Rhodium 87% Platinum platinum metal scrap thermo wire. We melt down Type R Thermocouple and purchase recovered Platinum for high price paid on Type R Thermocouple scrap. Any quantity of thermocouple R 13% Rh 87% Pt scrap wire accepted.