Platinum Group Metals Predictions for 2010 PGM Speculators.

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Platinum Group Metals Predictions for 2010

Platinum Group Metals should perform well for 2010 onwards into 2011 as last years future expectations are beaten by 30% with the average $1555 Platinum prices.
Investment should continue to boost the price of Platinum as well as the shortage of physical supply. Future forecasts for Platinum and Palladium are $1650 and $480 per troy ounce respectively.
New ETF's in Platinum and Palladium help boost the interest of investors in these precious metals. The Exchange Traded Funds are backed paper funds by physical stocks stored that can be traded without taking physical delivery of the PGMs.
Platinum supply problems from 2009 in South Africa at Platinum mines due to power outages and problems with labour may also continue into 2010. If problems in production occur this year and create a physical shortage of Platinum the PGM markets could rocket to record highs of over $2290 highs hit during 2008.

Thurs 27th January 2010 PGM Speculators

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