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Sell for recycling Rhodium Wire unwanted Rh wiring.

Wire scrap in Rhodium metal mixed with Platinum or pure Rhodium holds a high scrap value. Refiners of all Rhodium unwanted Rh wiring factory workshop scrap. We buy any available industrial wire solid metal machinery thermocouples Rhodium for reasonable price paid for all items. Sell for recycling small off-cuts of Rh wiring via Rhodium buyers of factory workshop scrap. Refiners of Rhodium Wire workshop wire scrap scrap and wiring bits off cuts wire solid metal. We melt and assay Rhodium Wire and buy any available recovered Rhodium for reasonable price paid for all items on Rhodium Wire scrap. All off cuts and pieces of precious metal Rhodium scrap should be kept seperately and sent in to be recycled and sold to make the best business sense.