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Will Silver Out Perform Gold in 2010

Silver could be the one to watch during 2010 as many believe it could outperform Gold. Silver increased during 2009 by around a massive 60% and Gold went up by a still impressive 30%. Analysts are recommending adding some Silver to your portfolio while it is still at a relatively undervalued price.
Some analysts are predicting another excellent year for Silver with 40% - 60% gains yet again during 2010 and hinting that $25 per oz. Is notby any means out of Silvers grasp. The price may be bolstered by ETFs in Silver opening the field for many more investors in the Silver metal.
So with investors considering Silver seriously and the many industrial, bullion coin and bar minting and jewellery applications of the metal 2010 could be another year for Silver to outshine Gold.

27th Jan 13:28 Thursday 2010 Silver Guy

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