Silver positioned positive for the year AG store.

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Silver positioned positive for the year

Not so long ago, there were strong predictions that Silver prices might not be able to climb past the psychological barrier of $US23 per ounce during the year 2010. However, contrary to the predictions of most analysts and in tandem to the surge in prices of other precious metals such as Gold, Silver well surpassed the psychological barriers and managed to top its peak of $30 per ounce in the year 2010. With Silver prices rising to such high levels, it has really been an outperformer in the precious metal market giving even Gold a strong run for the returns it has provide to its investors. The total surge in the prices of Silver peaked to upto 80% return on investment at the peak prices Silver managed to clock-up in the year 2010. A lot of analysts term the rise in the prices of Silver to the global confusion between investing in Silver, Gold and Commodities or investing in other economy related financial products.

6th Jan 2011 AG store

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