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Scrap Platinum Refiners

Platinum wire
Sell Platinum thermocouples.
Platinum wire wiring scraps.

Sell Platinum wire

Pt Rh thermocouple
Recycle Platinum thermocouple wire mixed Rhodium Platinum.
Pt Rh thermocouple heat sensitive thermo wiring.

Recycle Pt Rh thermocouple

Platinum coin
Resell Platinum Pt 999 coins.
Platinum coin bullion rounds.

Resell Platinum coin

Platinum diamond ring
Sell Platinum solitaire diamond ring.
Platinum diamond ring wedding ring item.

Sell Platinum diamond ring

Platinum wire
Sell Platinum solid platinum wiring.
Platinum wire wiring Pt/Rh thermocouple.

Sell Platinum wire

Type R Thermocouple
Sell Platinum wire.
Type R Thermocouple One Type R wire is pure Platinum and the other conductor wire is 13% Rhodium 87% Platinum.

Sell Type R Thermocouple

Thermocouples Type S
Recycle for cash Platinum thermo wires.
Thermocouples Type S Type S thermocouple wires are used to determine temperature points upto 1600 celsius mainly with varying uses involving calibrating the melting point of Au material.

Recycle for cash Thermocouples Type S

Pt Thermocouple Wire Type B
Sell Platinum wiring Pt-Rh Type B.
Pt Thermocouple Wire Type B Type B Plat-Rhod thermocouples have positive and negative wires containing Rhodium, with one at 6% Rh and other at 30% Rh (the remaining percentage being Platinum).

Sell Pt Thermocouple Wire Type B