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Gold sees fall following FEDs announcement
Gold Spot Price falls even on FED not making changes to low interest rates in the near term.Gold discount from economy looks already built into current prices.

25th Jan Tuesday 2011 Gold News

Gold over $1095 after IMF Bullion Sale
Gold over $1095 troy oz. after International Monetary Funds Gold sale to India.

Weds 4th November 2009 Gold News

High Gold Prices Kill Imports
Gold hitting record highs of $1000 an oz. during February 2009 has reduced Indias large Gold imports to nothing this month.

28th February Sat 2009 Gold News

SGE deffering Gold service
The SGE Shanghai Gold Exchange uses China Industrial Bank for deffering Gold product delivery.

Thursday 26th Februaury 2009 Gold News

Gold hits $1000 Again & Jan sees 92000 American Eagles Sold
Gold reaches $1000 troy oz again and January sees 4-times the American Gold Eagles sales as 2008 did.

February 2009 Thursday 26th Gold News

Gold still Climbing?
If Gold keeps rising as it has during this Bullish period it could be the only safe haven for your money. Will Gold investment keep you safe from the economic downturn?

Monday 23rd Feb. 2009 Gold News