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Fast Service to Sell Platinum, Gold, Silver & Precious Metals in United Kingdom

Sending your precious metals to us to be sold and recycled is a simple and secure process. We offer a fast turnaround on all Gold, Platinum, Rhodium, Silver and Palladium scrap precious metal orders for our UK based customers with excellent returns on your metals. Using fully insured secure Special Delivery shipping within the United Kingdom we can receive and process your scrap Platinum and Gold refining orders quickly assuring the security of your metals throughout the process.

Sending your UK Scrap Precious Metals to Us

Send your scrap Precious Metals via secure
Special Delivery, available at the post office.

Special Delivery offers insurance levels of £500, £1000 or £2500 assuring complete security of your high value precious metals during the shipping process.
Submitting your order for fast melt, assay and payment is easy. Simply print and complete a Precious Metal Refining Order Form and send enclosed with your scrap metal material using insured Special Delivery service (available at any UK post office). Keep a copy of your scrap metal refining order form for your own records along with your Special Delivery proof of shipping receipt. Please Contact Us via Email when your order has been despatched with your Special Delivery tracking number to guarantee fast processing of your order once received.

Print Scrap Precious Metals Order Form for your Order

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